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What are the storage racks that can be used for pallets?

What are the storage racks that can be used for pallets?
368 Jan 04-2019
The so-called pallet racking, probably means placing empty pallet on the shelving to access the goods by convenient use of auxiliary storage equipment such as forklift and lift.According to the specific properties of different goods, the pallet has wooden pallets and steel pallet, etc.So, what types of storage shelves facilitate the use of pallets to access the goods.What are the advantages of pallet racking?

Generally used storage racking are almost pallet racking, because they are free to place the pallet. Such as heavy-duty storage shelving, radio shuttle racking, drive-in pallet racking and automatic warehouse shelving. From the way of using, pallet racking can be divide into drive-in pallet racking and pallet live storage racking.

Heavy duty pallet shelving can be said to be one of the most commonly used shelving systems in all enterprises.It is famous for its heavy load capacity, small size and stability. Add on each layer of different materials and different sizes pallet, the goods placed on top of the pallet, not only for easy access the products , but also reduce the wear and tear on the surface of heavy-duty pallet shelving and ensure storage safety. At the same time, the pallet can also reduce or prevent the environment impact from the moisture generated by the shelf of the goods contacting the shelf.

In the three-dimensional shelves, such as drive in pallet rack, radio shuttle racking and mezzanine floor. In fact, many warehouse managers will place the pallet on the shelves that need to be put products.As these three-dimensional shelves are high-end forklifts and stacker storage equipment to pick up and inventory, it is easy for us use forklift truck via the hole under the pallet.For large warehousing activities, setting the label on each pallet will be convenient for the management of inventory. When moving the pallet, the pallet will not be out of position.