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The Selection of Warehouse Drive Through Pallet Racking Systems

The Selection of Warehouse Drive Through Pallet Racking Systems
458 Apr 12-2019

Drive through pallet racking, also known as Drive-in pallet racking. This system is densely packed with shelves, and the space utilization rate is extremely high. In fact, it is actually twice as much as the selective pallet racking.

However, the cargo must be of a small and less type. Beginning with the task of unitization of the package, determine the specifications of the pallet, loading capacity and stack height. From this, the span, depth, and tier spacing of the unit shelf are determined, and the height of the order rack is determined according to the invalid height of the lower edge of the truss. The optimal control of the total depth of the shelf against the wall is within 6 tray depths.

The total control of the total depth of the pallet racking in the middle region that can be unilaterally received and paid is within two tray depths. The efficiency of access to the forklift is more and more reliable. In this type of warehouse racking system, the forklift truck continues to “high pressure and low pressure”mode and the forklift easily shakes and hits the racking. Therefore,whether or not forklift is fully considered is adequate). Such storage system is not weak, and the racking should not be too high, but where the control should be within 10m, and in order to enhance the stability of the entire racking system, in addition to the specifications, the selection should be smaller, but also need to add pull Solid configuration.

The color of the single care product should not be too small or too heavy. However, if the weight control is within 1500kg, the tray span should not be less than 1.5m. The forklift is often used for forward type battery forklifts or balanced heavy battery forklifts. Mostly used in dairy, beverage and other food industries, cold storage is also more common.